How Program1 Works

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Program1 works seamlessly with your existing advertising and marketing team.

We are not interested in accolades. The work we do is often protected behind a wall of confidentiality.

And, we’re perfectly fine with that.

Nor are we at all interested in taking over your marketing operations.

We hand over our innovations to you, and your existing network of promotions specialists, whether in-house or an outside agency.

We provide a vital service. While our time working with you may be brief, the effects are lasting.

The best way to summarize what we do is help your company shift directions, very quickly.

This is all done without interruption, without the need to disrupt anything.

You won’t notice us. But you will notice that after we’re done, your operations are smoother, your brand is more effective, and your team is working at peak performance.

Program1 helps reinvent your company…in its own truer image!

Program1 seeks to transparently, efficiently, and seamlessly, correct flaws in branding, work-ways, and product lines.

We don’t rely on Six Sigma systems theory or cold number crunching, but rather old-fashioned analysis, interviewing, and intuition.

And creativity. Tons of it.

Don’t be wary of the fact that we cover so much ground.

Communications? Employee wellness? Branding? Marketing?

What do these disparate fields have in common?

Each is a component in the chain of corporate activity that may require fine tuning.

Identifying where your firm needs help may be apparent to you. Or it may not be.

Sometimes we will be reaching out to a company, in situations where we’ve already identified what needs work and how we can help.

After our consultation, we we will have a better idea of where we can best direct our efforts.

Program1 Business Consulting Logo