Program 1 is a business development company dedicated to helping businesses, nonprofits, entertainers, influencers, and other luminaries of our choosing.  If we like what you do, we’ll help you have a far greater chance of becoming far more profitable and successful.

Working with us isn’t like anything you’ve yet experienced, we assure you.

We don’t bother you or your staff, and our presence is an asset, not a cost.

Once we’re gone, you’ll miss us. We don’t walk in like primadonnas, expecting everyone to bend a knee. Instead, we’re respectful of your staff.

Below you may find the reasons why you will appreciate our professionals’ time spent with the members of your organization. Here, we dispense with the runaround and write directly.

Why do many fail to excel, while a small few succeed wildly, breaking ranks with the scores of competitors out there with budgets about the same, or even greater?

How can a success story be even more successful?

These are essential avenues of inquiry; in fact, considering this matter…it’s what we do.

We can mindfully move your operations to the next level; we find out how based on consideration of your unique situation and proceed from there.

It’s all about company culture, effective workways, and a cohesive team of carefully selected professionals working together with clear intent in mind – and at heart –  “teamworking” their way toward accomplishing well-defined goals, large and small.

Program1 seeks to support your company’s efforts to do whatever you do, but better. The services we presently offer focus on marketing and advertising, art direction, health and wellness including  holistic workways counseling, and 2way radio radio communications solutions.

The cost of our services for your particular project can be assessed after a brief interview with us over the phone, and we can then send you a tentative business proposal for your legal team to review. Everything is clear, everything is straightforward.

Product Development, Branding, Marketing & Advertising

The following services focus on improving how your business looks to the world, and how and where it’s seen.

Product & Service Development Consulting — Helping your company create great products and services, or improve what you already offer.

Advertising Concept Design — Creating original ad concepts that will generate interest.

Marketing Strategy Consulting — A strategy that gives you the most bang-for-your-buck, as it were.

Branding Development Consulting — New branding, or existing branding overhaul. Your products’  and services’ faces require attention, as might your company or individual brand.Bouncing-Rainbow-Balls

Art Direction & Visual Design

Professional level Commercial Art production that isn’t throw-away!

Advertisement Visual Design — We can design your advertisement’s appearance for online and print advertisements, from concept to comp. Stunning results!

Corporate Identity — The most essential form of branding, yet the most often overlooked. (This does not involve social media management)

Graphic Design — Striking visual design for all scope and scale of projects. Commercial Art at its finest.

Product/Modeling Photography Services — Photographic services for products, places, and fashions.

Image Processing — We can improve your images. Our proprietary process has even been used to improve photographic evidence used in courts of law (outside of the United States).



Health, Wellness, & Team Services

Keeping your employees mindful of the importance of staying healthy is the greatest gift an employer can give.

Health Fairs On-Site — Bringing health fairs to your New Jersey or N.Y.C. company. If you’re looking for an effective staff, the right place to start is with a focus on learning more about a healthy lifestyle, and a health fair is a great introduction.


Corporate Wellness Programs On-Site — Wellness programs bring the healing to your team, right where they are. This can include Chair Massage, Yoga Classes, Meditation Groups, and the like. Insurance incentives abound for companies offering this.


Holistic Workways Counseling — How can we be more effective? Here are the answers. It’s not a joke; there are answers. We work with individuals, as well as organizations of all sizes.


Hiring Management Advisement — Helping your hiring team to find what they’re looking for…those rare flexible, adaptive, and self-directed-yet-follows-directions types…without the need for AI or headaches. Headhunters will be having fun. And, it’s all far less costly to implement than you might imagine.


Team-Building  Counseling — We will find ways that will work for your organization as it exists today, focusing on creating a real team, rather than a bunch of co-workers who can’t get it quite right.


Health Lifestyle Groupwork — Healthy workers think better, make better decisions, and cost you less, making the bottom line fatter, by all measures. Plus, it’s good caring about employees’ welfare. Studies show that companies that invest in their workers do better.



Radio Communications and Safety

Solving your communications needs with 2way radio solutions.

Handheld/Mobile 2Way Radio — Legacy point-to-point 2way mobile and walkie-talkies, as well as nationwide digital secure system.


Security Radio Call Boxes — Call Boxes keep your business or educational institution campus safer.


Gate/Door Radio Trigger Boxes — Remotely open and close gates and doors. Safety first.


In-Building Repeater Systems —  Reach the entire building or set of buildings with our in-building repeaters.


Community-Based Comms Solutions — We can help you set up a Neighborhood Watch comms system for local businesses and community watch groups. This is one of our specializations.

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We carefully choose the clients that we will work with based on ethical, and other, concerns. Please E-mail for inquiries.


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